Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Letter to the President

Since it's "in" to ask from the President, I am writing this letter in the hope that the PCSO would also grant my request.

Dear President/Your Excellency,

Greetings of Peace! Instead of holding a birthday party last March, I decided to stay at home and contemplate about the letter that I will write to you.

Now, I have done a lot of contemplating and decided what I would ask from you.

I did not want to ask for a birthday cake because I already had one. I don't like parties so I won't ask for that too. I would have wanted money, but I might be able to spend it all in one go and would not be able to spend wisely so I have decided to ask for one thing.

I know I can do more to promote and work for peace. It is in this view that I am asking a favor from his Excellency. At present I really need a brand new car, possibly a 4x4, which I can use to reach the far-flung areas of Cavite. I hope yo will never fail to give a brand new car which will serve as your birthday gift to me. For your information, I have with me a fifteen-year-old car, KIT, which is not anymore in good running condition (good thing he won't be able to read this or he would surely have a fit). Therefore, this needs to be replaced soon. I'm anticipating your favorable response on this regard.

Thank you and I look forward to receiving it soon.


The Ever Lovable Me

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