Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Jakie and the Beadstalk

Sometime in 1996, two friends, Cielpot and Ago, introduced me to the wonderful world of beading. I have always been interested in beading and in wearing beaded items but making them altogether was a totally exciting idea. They taught me how to string beads and make a simple flower bead. I never imagined that such simple craft would get me addicted to the hobby of accessory-making (not to mention that it's a way to earn extra money!)

From the simple stringing, I have now "levelled-up" to the more difficult beading styles like the use of wire, knotting, etc. I even join bazaars to sell my ware and I get orders from my officemates nowadays.

It's a good thing that my high school best friend, Yheng, introduced me to this fab mag, Bead Style Magazine. It features new yet easy- to- follow designs. I don't like the advertisements in the magazine though, since the craft stores are all located in the US and because they take up a lot of space in the magazine. But the featured designs are really great, and they provide beginners with Beading 101 lessons and tips. I never buy the new issues since they are priced at 400 pesos up but I buy back issues from Booksale. One just has to really look hard since these are not so easy to find.

Beading is great! I get to see my creation after a couple of hours; minutes, if it's a simple pair of earrings. For someone as impatient as me, this is really good since I get to see my finished product right away. And besides, I can be as bold or as subdued as I want to my products to be because I am not limited by any pattern, as compared with cross stitching or paper tole.

What's more satisfying is seeing other people appreciate the finished product. I like it too when people notice the tiniest details in the bead's texture, the color palette used in the accessory or even the handicraft.

And it's really really nice when I see people wearing what I have created. This, I think, is more valuable than the price that they pay for my work.

Jakie and the Beadstalk is my trade name for my beaded crafts.


Wendy said...

I like the last beads sa last photo! Very nice color combo. Pabili, hehehe.

jakie and the beadstalk said...

heheh. thanks wendy!!! sureness! pag nagkita tayo, magdadala ang tindera ng mga tinda niya!

Wendy said...

Ok girl, I'm partial to blues and greens=)