Sunday, May 22, 2011

Beach with the Family

Last Saturday, May 21, was Kuya Berbee's 5th birthday. We decided to head off to have a weekend getaway/celebration at the beach.

Kuya Bennett, the birthday boy

Cajotes and Olaves reunite for a SUMMER GETAWAY after more than a decade

Venue: Maryland Beach Reasort in Apacible St., Nasugbu, Batangas

Room rate: Aircon Room with two queen-size beds
(with own toilet, tv, outdoor table, but no ref) - P3500

Distance: About an hour or so from Dasma, Cavite

In attendance:
Papa Ely, Mama Mila, Papa Jun, Mamater
Birthday Boy Kuya (and Val), Bachie, Squiggy, Bunny
Ate Grace, Don, Jaja, Jeboy, Liezel
Total: 13 persons --- and who said 13 is an unlucky number!!!

Absent with excuse slips:
LA, Donna, Eryx

Absent without excuse slips:
Weng and Ming

May 20, 2011:

past 10 am - left Dasma

12:15 pm - arrived at Maryland Resort
- Lunch consisted of adobo, humba, manga at bagoong, paksiw na g.g., itlog na maalat with kamatis from LA's backyard, binagoongang porkchop, tons of rice!

1 pm- rest kunwari pero maya maya lang ay nag beach volleyball na kami, while kuya and bachie played along the sand

2:30 pm- kunwari maglalakad lang along the beach, pero lumublob na din!

3:30pm - don saw fisherman trying to catch fish, he joined them. Jeboy followed after about 30 minutes of watching them wait for the fish to be caught in the net.

Daddy's share was about half a kilo of fish (sapsap)
placed inside Jeboy's sacrificial shirt!

5:00pm - Beach Volleyball! Some Indians played with us. (Verrry goodd, veryy goood!)

6:30 pm- "Ahon" time for the kids!!! But the big ones transferred to the pool. Jeboy was the longest in the pool. He stayed there from 7 pm to 11:30 pm. If not for the caretaker who told us that the pool is closed as it is going to be cleaned already, he wouldn't have gotten off the pool.

May 21:

7 am- Swimming time with pasiklaban ng Jump Shot!

8 am- Bunny rode a horse (P50 one trip). Brave girl!!!

10 am - Mommy G, Kuya and Val pitched a tent in the sand.
- even Val enjoyed playing in the sand

mommy and bachie enjoying the sand and the waves

Kuya, enjoying the beach

Playing under the sun

Bachie loves playing with sand

12 noon - Sadly, it's time to go...

Outings need not be expensive and the all the activities planned and detailed. What's important is that they're spent with family, friends and loved ones. That experience is PRICELESS.


* Later that night, we went night swimming in our village's clubhouse. hahahaha. Addict!