Monday, June 18, 2012

Friends and Food

Tere's muffins: blueberry, chocolate and carrot

My long-time friends from De La Salle University Dasmarinas went to our home one time to have a nice lunch, get together for a loooot of chit chat and catching up with life events.

Tere brought freshly-baked muffins that she herself bakes! These are yummy!!! Anyway, Rhuda brought shrimp, Eve brought fruits, Chey brought Roasted Chicken and the ingredients for fruit salad and Anna brought ice cream!


Our tummies were full after that and our hearts were brimming with love after a very nice bonding moment with friends that I seldom get to meet.  Till the next get-together!

Happy tummy, happy hearts!


Davines Roucou Oil

A Sample of Davines Roucou Oil Potion
Several weeks ago, I was lucky enough to win an eensy weensy bottle of Davines Roucou Oil from Davines' Facebook page.  After receiving the package, I was so excited to open the bag and the paper bag to discover that there was nothing inside. I checked again, and there it was, the little Roucou Oil!

I immediately applied it on my freshly-washed hair (of course, I dried it first) and I think there was a slight difference to my hair.  It's more manageable and shinier. 

Will upload photos of before and after later (hahahaa, I forgot to take picture of meeeself!).

This looks like it's a 20 or 30 ml bottle.  And see how tiny the remarks on the products are?

Plus notes:  The bottle is cute. The paper bag looks elegant.  And I love the little reusable brown bag that went with it.  I also like its silky effect on my hair, though my hair is already oily.  I also like that it's grease-free.  And a few drops of it really make a difference on one's hair.

Sad notes:  There wasn't any separate paper for clear instructions on how to use it, or what it is for.  I would have appreciated it if like some medicines, there is a pamphlet included in the box.  (We have to consider first aid and allergic reactions, right?) I know, it's a sampler, so I should not complain. Looking alone at the back of the bottle to check the directions for use gave me a headache! The letters were sooooo small! what do you expect? The bottle was so tiny.  Maybe I was sent a trial version, that's why.The bottle was transparent, the letterings were in black and it was so hard to read the instructions!  I just had to pray that what I was doing was correct.

This bottle is supposed to be styling or finishing product but I can't read the bottle!!
Would I be buying this after I've consumed my bottle? Yes!

Anyway, thank you very much Davines Philippines for this prize.  Check out their FB page here: