Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Conway Made Me Miss My Train Stop

7:40 am, Pasay Taft MRT Station

Lots of people, two idle trains in both railways. I got inside one carriage and started reading "World Without End" by Chris Mooney. The trains are filling up real fast. Either train isn't moving. I read on...

7:50 am, still at Pasay Taft MRT Station

Unmindful of the people, I continue reading...

"What are you doing?"
"We can't call Raymond," she said.
"Why the hell not?"
"Because he's the reason why this operation failed," Pasha said. "Raymond Bouchard sold us out."

I look around, finally the train started to move. I read on...

8:10, Guadalupe Station

People are becoming really agitated. The driver announces that we can't move because a defective train was at the next station. Eager to get on with my book, I ignored the hotheaded people being bumped and stepped on by passengers trying to fit in the train. A few more pages...

8- something

"Mr. Cole?"
Faust turned around and saw Stephen Conway standing on the venting grid in the second tower of the glass, his face mournful.
Faust smiled. Time for the lesson to begin.

With the many people squeezed in the train, I just glance behind me to check if I'm near my stop. Estimating that my stop would take several more minutes, I try to finish the chapter.

"A medieval text for Christians. It lays out what Christians need to do in order to die in the grace of God."
"I don't understand."
"Don't worry. He will."

I glance behind me, I do a double-take, I look in front. The train was nearing a stop and the sign read, "NORTH AVENUE STATION."

SHOOOTTTT!!! I was supposed to get off at Quezon Avenue Station!!!!

8:15, North Avenue Station, walkway beside Trinoma Mall

Is there even a jeep going to Quezon City Hall!!!?!?!!?
I went to a jeepney terminal, asked a barker for the jeep to City Hall and good thing, a jeep was there, filling up quickly with passengers. I was the last one to get in and a good man sacrificed his good seat so I could sit properly. Bless him!

8:29 and a few seconds, Kalayaan Ave.

I walk really fast. A few more minutes and I might be able to beat the 8:30 time in the bundy clock.

... I put my time card in the bundy clock and in it was stamped, "8:31".

Darn, I'm late! Conway made me miss my stop!


Wendy said...

lol! that book must be really good. kala ko world without end ni ken follett.

jakie and the beadstalk said...

hehehe. oo, ang galing! may book din nun si papa ko eh, kaso di ko pa nabasa. hmmmm, mahiram nga!

Wendy said...

Ang cool naman ng papa mo. Yup, nakakaaliw yung kay Ken F. Simulan mo sa Pillars of the Earth.

jakie and the beadstalk said...

hehehe. thanks. sige hahanapin ko sa aklatan ng bahay ang mga ken