Tuesday, July 26, 2011

ANGRY with the BIRDS

Last week, I started playing the game Angry Birds by Rovio Mobile Ltd. I wanted to know why a lot of people are crazy about it.

The mechanics are quite simple, free the birds on the right side using placing the birds on the left on the slingshot. Drag the mouse to aim and bham! Check if your bird broke any cages or what have yous because your score depends on that and aim for the other birds.

It's a cute game actually.

When I was starting to play, I enjoyed the wishi-hhaaha-wakak--heeeheeee sounds that those birds make. But as I went thru the more difficult changes, I started to appreciate the thinking process involved just to clear a stage. It's not just a cute game of throwing birds into air but it is a puzzle!

Sometimes, I get frustrated with the stages because I know they are so difficult to complete and sometimes I would wish I would have twenty birds to shoot/throw to break all the stones/wood and ice just so I could clear the stage and get a new high score.

Anyway, I'm now on Level 16 of the Might Hoax Stage (PC version) and I'd have to end this blog so I could get back to work so that by lunch time, I would have spare time for my angry birds.


Ge said...

I don't play kasi. I saw "angry birds" stuffs from divisoria last weekend. If only we can use it as a birthday party theme, but then again baka lahat "angry".

How can I follow you? There's is no button to click. And how can I show my stats!

Yey, I have my first follower na! :)

jakie and the beadstalk said...

hay! may typo error pa pala to, simula pa lang ng blog meron na. hahaha. sa topmost ate may "follow". kahelera ng mga sign in, etc, basta upper left hand portion ng blog page.

uy masaya yun kung angry birds ang theme.tapos ang games basagan ng itlog sa noo, palambutan ng talong thru pukpukan sa ulo, basagang palayok na may kumukulong tubig... hahahahahaha

jakie and the beadstalk said...

yung sa stats, sa design yun eh. click design. may magaappear na page. then add a gadget. choos which gadget you want to include like yung search, about me, and yung stats - total pageviews ang tawag dun sa gadget.click save! :P