Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Pwede bang mag-Return To Sender ng Asawa?

This morning, after having a fight/argument/heated discussion with my husband, I posted this question on my FB wall: "Pwede bang mag-Return To Sender ng Asawa?" After several long minutes, nobody commented on my status and I thought nobody noticed it. Then one by one, I started getting notifications that a friend liked my post or commented on it. It's actually funny and heart-warming, at the same time, to know their varied reactions.

I know that despite their funny reactions (there are some who want to know too if it's possible), deep inside, they are also concerned about my marriage and the reason for my posting of such message. Of course I could not tell them the reason. I would not want to tarnish my husband's name before them. So it is enough that I vent out my irritation and let people know that I am currently contemplating what to do just to ease my anger at my husband.

But it's true! I really wonder, what if, like mail, spouses can just be returned to their senders (aka parents, guardians or whatever)? This morning I wanted to jinx him, shout "Expelliarmus!" and enjoy looking at him being thrown against the wall. That's how mad I was at him. Yup, mad enough to put him inside an envelope and send him back to the sender.

Too bad, I have no wand, no magical abilities that with a flick of my wrist or a glance from my eyes, I could have sent him flying through the air. I only had words. So I said a few, and left. I wanted to say a lot, nag, and nag a bit more! But i held my tongue. I think it was for the better because he said a few words too, but boy, it's just so frustrating.

I wish The Boy Who Lived would lend me his invisibility cloak for just a few precious minutes so I could don it and smack the man's head really hard and make him wonder who or what hit him (and perhaps put him in a big balikbayan box and return him to sender even for just a day).

Hmmm, that would be extremely satisfying...

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