Sunday, January 23, 2011

Top Five Things to Look Forward to this 2011

Last year, I wrote my "top 5 things to do before the year ends." I am proud to say that I was able to do all five. Now, it's the last week of the first month of this year, and I am listing down the top five things I look forward to this year.

1. I am not a career woman. Though I have a career, that is only my second (or third) priority. My first is, as always, my family. This year, I look forward to seeing and being with my husband before the year ends. Last year's Christmas holidays was one of the most incomplete (and loneliest) holidays I have ever experienced because my better half was not around. It was a really cold Christmas (translation: Malamig na malamig na Pasko). This year, I intend to lock him up when he returns and throw the key to the ocean. If he needs to get back to work, I'll let him look for the key after January 1, 2012.

2. My baby is turning three soon and I can't wait to see if the famed "terrible twos" stage is just my imagination or not. When he was around two to two and a half, he was grumpier than Grumpy the dwarf. A few months after that he mellowed down but still with occasional burst of grumpiness. I wonder if at three or so, that grumpiness would greatly diminish, if not altogether disappear. Oh I also look forward to my baby's new skills and amazing development.

3. Hey, I have a new job! (Thanks Myra!) Even if it's not my top priority, I look forward to proving my nettle to the whole world. Some people have put me down last year and made my life miserable. They have dampened my spirits and succeeded for a while, but I'm back in business. I know what I am capable of and I look forward to job that gives me satisfaction not because I earn a lot from it but because I am able to make a change, when change is needed.

4. Books! Books! Books! I have new list of to-read books from different authors. Thanks to my Papa who is a voracious reader, he introduced me to Stuart Woods, William Bernhardt and Vince Flynn, among others. So beware, Booksale! I will definitely rob your shelves off. Just make sure you have a stock of the books in my list or I will... I will... surely pout!

5. My dear oven, mommy's coming! I want to buy an oven for our house this year. I miss baking in the comforts of my own home and it is one of my priorities to buy, now that I have work (of course assuming I get to save some after paying off all the bills, the loans and the monthly amortizations!). I bought this recipe book containing more than a hundred easy recipes for desserts and I can't wait to try them all and sell them if they become successful. (Again, this is the businesswoman in me thinking of how to make more money by selling my ware!) Of course, I would have to let my family taste them first though.

So this is my list. In the days or weeks to come, I might add some more to this list. But for now, this is enough to make my year a special one. To quote a good friend, Jo, this is the year of the Karma! So I welcome the new year with open arms and a prayer that this would be a good year for everyone.

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