Sunday, March 18, 2012

Earth Hour

What are you doing to save the planet?

Photo Credit: CBCP-Episcopal Commission on Youth 

  posted on WWF-Philippines' Facebook Page
On March 31, 2012, the whole world will again celebrate Earth Hour.  It is a celebration of man's concern for the planet by participating in the switching off of lights for an hour.

For me, this is an amazing first step in reducing our carbon footprint on this planet.  If everybody would join, then Earth would be able to have that much needed from all  the abuse that it suffers everyday from mankind.

But it is not the only chance that we have at helping the planet.  In our own little way, we can do something for the Earth not just for an hour but at every opportune moment that we have.  Let me share with you some of my family's Earth-friendly activities:

1.  We recycle water. We use water from dishwashing to water the plants. We have a lot of bermuda grass in the garden which must be watered at least twice a day and it uses up a lot of water.  So using recycled water allows us to save a lot of water. imagine, our water bill is only P160 a month!
2. Instead of using any gadget that uses electricity to while away the time, we try to have some "jamming session" with  my family by playing the guitar instead.
3. We plant a lot of veggies in our garden -tomatoes, okra, malunggay, eggplant, papaya, kalamansi, lemon, kamote tops, alugbati! Not only does it provide us with free food, but it lessens our carbo footprint too because we don't make use of any fuel to buy those things anymore.
4. Of course, we turn off all lights when not in use.  We use LED lights to lessen consumption.  We clean the windows and the bulbs to help light up the place.
5. We recycle plastic.  As long as the plastic is okay, we use and reuse it as much as we can.
6. We collect all foodwastes and turn them into compost. We not only have free fertilizer, but we also have a clean place!

These are but a few of the things we do, to somehow ease up our abuse on the planet. I know you have your own list too. 

The challenge here is for us to continue what we do, and improve our ways of helping the planet.

Join Earth Hour on March 31, 2012 from 8:30 to 9:30 pm.


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