Sunday, April 1, 2012

Bicol Trip

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Bucket list - Go to Bicol, see Caramoan, swim with whale sharks in Donsol.


January - My friends said, " Uy let's go somewhere naman this summer." Someone suggested Bicol, since a lot of my officemates are from Bicol. I was tasked to plan the whole outing.

Early February - My friends said, " Uy, what's our schedule now? Prepare it na!"... A few days later, one backed out.

Mid -February - I talked with our host in Bicol, had the schedule fixed na, talked to the van driver, had the van reserved for our trip.  Asked everyone where they'd like to go and the time frame for each place so everyone would be satisfied.

End of February - One group cancelled.

March - I had to change the itinerary because the ones who plan to go someplace else was not going anymore.

Mid March - confirmed the place where we will be staying, contacted tour guides, called the van driver to reserve the van.

End of March - Everyone backed out except me. No money daw. I want to scream!!!!

Next time, if I'm ever going some place for a tour, I'd just plan for myself, my hubby and baby.  I won't care anymore for non-family members.

Thank you to "cyndymc" for giving me a peek of Caramoan thru her blog. 

Hay, hanggang blog na lang ba ako????



Nina Gonzalez said...

that looks AMAZING!!! :)

hope you can check out my blog for some +vibes and inspiration!XO.i am also hosting a one of a kind giveaway, by a very inspirational painter, check it out :)

happybluethoughts said...

Dapat kasi ang niyayaya mo yung kaladkarin kagaya ko.. nyahaha! Walang plano-plano, basta gora lang! :)