Thursday, October 21, 2010

Civil Servants from the Underworld

My experience in working in various organizations has exposed me different type of workers. It always amazes when I think of the kinds of faces that people show whenever they show up for work. A lot of people claim that working in the private sector is much harder as against working the government. The reason is that private companies are much stricter with punctuality, absences, company policies, nepotism and benefit grants, among others. For me, I'd rather face those strict policies that wake up each morning and go to work with civil servants who report directly to the devil himself.

Yes, I have worked with civil servants from hell!

Here, let me give you a short profiler on these people:

1. Vampires- These are employees who suck out the blood out of its co-employees. Consequently, while sucking blood from their victims, they raise the victims' blood pressures with their irritating habit of rumor-mongering, tarnishing people's reputations, and spreading lies. Their poisonous venom lasts even after the sun is up! (Side note: They are not as beautiful and gorgeous as the Cullens either)

2. Voldemort wannabes- Equally evil as Voldermort, their only dream is to conquer the whole department, bureau, agency or office and make other people bow before their feet. Never mind if they use other people to pursue their evil schemes. Their only desire is power, and for them, the words 'friend, family or love' do not exist in the dictionary.

3. The Death Eaters- Yes, they have their own Voldemorts, who they worship till the end (of power). These are employees who are born with evil minds, who believe that tagging along with someone powerful (no matter how evil that person may be) would ensure their high scores in the regular performance rating reports. They are only loyal to those who they believe they could turn to for some (or a lot of) pulling of strings and other personal benefit and of course, a semblance of power.

4. Friends of Chuckie, the evil doll (and his bride) - You think they are cute, but wait till you look them straight into their eyes and you will see evil emanating from within. Don't be fooled by their cuddly appearance and their sweet dolly talks because once you turn your back to them, they'll stab you repeatedly at the back with anything they get their evil hands on.

5. The Dementors - They suck out all the happiness and peace in the office. For whatever reason, they are the epitome of doom. They cannot be touched, cannot be approached because their mission in life is to spread depression and doom within the walls of the office.
6. Poltergeists - These are invisible beings with the power to move objects. You don't see them in the office but you feel their presence all the time, leaving traces of destruction in the workplace. They have the power to control gullible workers if they want to and they can move objects (example: they can fill out daily time reports even without having to report to the office and they are able to get their salaries from the vaults of the office without need of personally stepping inside the office premises.
Oh, there's lots more and I think I cannot write any more down since I might have nightmares tonight.
Just a friendly reminder, when there's something strange in the neighborhood... who you gonna call? Ombudsman?Naaaahhhh!
Call your family and friends and vent out those frustrations. Otherwise, you might lose your marbles and just accept these creatures as normal.

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