Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The best job in the world

I always claim that the song, "Journey" by Ms. Lea Salonga actually hits home. I have been to many places, literally and figuratively, that I can actually tell myself and others that I have journeyed far and wide.

This is not meant to brag or to flaunt whatever I have accomplished or failed to accomplish. I just want to tell you about my life.

In my younger years, I have experienced show business. I was not really a star, but I was able to experience how it is to guest on tv shows, do a recording, have a little concert/recital, something like that. I was able to join talent contests- win in some and lose in lots of it.

In my elementary days, I got the first taste of having a business. I sold little "lala" chocolates, tira-tira, Big Bang, Cloud 9, and the like, to my classmates. In first year high school, I moved on to "puto". After that, I proceeded to preparing sandwiches with all sorts of spreads and I sold them to my classmates and some teachers. In my fourth year, I repacked peanuts, cornicks, butong pakwan, pusit, etc. and sold them at school.

In college, I laid low in selling for awhile. But I joined musical theater at that time, and started with a new sport- diving (not scuba diving but the olympic diving thing!). I got to compete again too!

I went to law school after college, and tried all sorts of jobs. I got a teaching job in a university. At first, I was only doing it part - time but I got promoted to full-time status. I became a full time prof and a full time law student. It was tiring! I resigned after a few years, and was recommended by a friend to a Japanese family whose kids need tutoring. I grabbed on the opportunity and enjoyed it. A year after, I got a job in a government office as a speechwriter. I became a "consultant' (for lack of a better term to suit my job description as there was no item available) for a few months. But since the job was co-terminous with my boss, I had to leave when he retired.

After that I focused on the bar exams. With a lot of luck and prayers (from my family and friends), I passed it.

Then I got invited to a job interview for a job in a newly-established company that I have never applied to and never heard of. I got called to work for that new company several months later. It turned out to be a call center. But I accepted even if I was already a lawyer then. It was a training job though. What a career shift! But I still taught during Saturdays.

After a year, I got married and another year later, I was blessed with a baby boy and I have a new job.

Then a great opportunity opened up for me. I applied and was accepted as another government employee in my dream office. I was assigned to handle the media and I enjoyed it a little.I got transferred to a new department which I liked also. Then I got promoted promoted. Life could really be sweet!

During this stage in my life, I was faced with two bosses - my office (a demanding and irritating one) and my baby (very demanding, terrorizing but I never get tired of it). As my office demanded more from me, so did my baby who is getting bigger, smarter, naughtier but more loving. And who would have thought that an infant could create such terror in the minds of a new mother!! Each tiny whimper, every red spot or even a small cry can make my brains run fast forward and think of possible bad scenarios that could happen or might have happened.

It's no joke. A baby is a very demanding boss. You get no pay either, no vacation leaves, sick leaves, bonuses or other fringe benefits. Each day of feeding and taking care of the baby is a lot of hard work and it can really tire one down. But how can a mother resign from motherhood when the little angel laughs and smiles as if the whole world revolves around her? How can one say "no" to an angel?

So no matter how hard motherhood is, I wouldn't trade it for any job in the world. There is no contest that motherhood is the best job in the world.

And I got that job.

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