Sunday, March 13, 2011

My "Things to Spend On" for this year

With the value of the peso depreciating every day, I thought I would make a list of things I would like to spend my precious pesos on. I said "I would like to spend" not I would spend because those are two different things. I dream of buying them (except for the first two items which was already purchased early this year) but it still is a question if I would have the money to buy it this year.

1. Bahay Kubo
I have always dreamed of a having a little bahay kubo in our house: a place where the family would eat, while away the time, where we would swap stories and laughter. I am so lucky that last week, that dream came true. That is my number one in my list of things to buy this year and I can not fully describe the feeling of completeness for having accomplished something.

2. Printer
I would very much want to replace our old printer at home. It has been quite unreliable lately, bogging down at the exact time I most need it and working normally again after I have finished printing from another printer!

3. Pressure Cooker
Cooking nilaga or sinigang or any meat is broth or sauce would now be a breeze! With the rising cost of gasoline, it is really essential to buy items that would help me save on other things like LPG, or electricity, and even time!

4. Turbo Broiler
Sometime this February, I was with a friend at an SM appliance center and checking out items that my friend would need when she moves in to her brand new house. Funny, it was I who saw this Turbo Broiler which is at 10% or 15% off. So, it was me who was able to buy an appliance and not my friend, who invited me to check out the store.

5. Wii

When I was a kid, I used to go to a neighbor's house and watch them play Nintendo. Since they seldom let me play, I was just content to looking at their door screen and watch them play to their heart's content: me wishing that I, too, can play that really nice video game. As if the heavens heard me pray, my parents bought us our own Nintendo family computer some years after. Of course, the games were still the same- Mario Brothers, Battle City (a family favorite), Adventure Island, Pop-eye, etc. Every playing game was really heaven!

Now, with the appearance of every imaginable video game one can think of, I found myself addicted to same RPG games on the computer- Warcraft, Diablo, Diner Dash, Facebook Games and what-have-you's.

But I still have to get my hands on a Playstation or a Wii. (I even dreamed of having my own dance pad and play dance revo all afternoon and losing all those fat in my body after a month!) I don't even know if they are the same. But maybe they are not, they look different. But I would like to get my hands on the Wii. I heard from a friend that it has sports games which allows you hand movements mimicking the actual sport (boxing, golf, tennis, etc.)
Another "but"-I heard it's expensive too. There goes my dream!

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