Monday, June 18, 2012

Davines Roucou Oil

A Sample of Davines Roucou Oil Potion
Several weeks ago, I was lucky enough to win an eensy weensy bottle of Davines Roucou Oil from Davines' Facebook page.  After receiving the package, I was so excited to open the bag and the paper bag to discover that there was nothing inside. I checked again, and there it was, the little Roucou Oil!

I immediately applied it on my freshly-washed hair (of course, I dried it first) and I think there was a slight difference to my hair.  It's more manageable and shinier. 

Will upload photos of before and after later (hahahaa, I forgot to take picture of meeeself!).

This looks like it's a 20 or 30 ml bottle.  And see how tiny the remarks on the products are?

Plus notes:  The bottle is cute. The paper bag looks elegant.  And I love the little reusable brown bag that went with it.  I also like its silky effect on my hair, though my hair is already oily.  I also like that it's grease-free.  And a few drops of it really make a difference on one's hair.

Sad notes:  There wasn't any separate paper for clear instructions on how to use it, or what it is for.  I would have appreciated it if like some medicines, there is a pamphlet included in the box.  (We have to consider first aid and allergic reactions, right?) I know, it's a sampler, so I should not complain. Looking alone at the back of the bottle to check the directions for use gave me a headache! The letters were sooooo small! what do you expect? The bottle was so tiny.  Maybe I was sent a trial version, that's why.The bottle was transparent, the letterings were in black and it was so hard to read the instructions!  I just had to pray that what I was doing was correct.

This bottle is supposed to be styling or finishing product but I can't read the bottle!!
Would I be buying this after I've consumed my bottle? Yes!

Anyway, thank you very much Davines Philippines for this prize.  Check out their FB page here:


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