Wednesday, July 28, 2010


One of the most popular cholesterol-ridden foods is the chicharon. For those who came from outer space, chicharon is seasoned pig skin (sometimes with fats still attached to the skin) and deep-fried in oil (how many times? That I don’t know). Though a few pieces of this treat will raise your blood pressure to the dangerous level, each succulent bite would make you want to thank that you were born in this world and given this opportunity to savor such a gustatory treat.

Of all the chicarons that I have tasted, here are my top three favorites:

1. RL Lapids- Their chicaron is really crunchy and tasty. Though at times, it gets a bit salty ( “maanghang na suka” would balance the saltiness though) I love the puffiness of the skin and the balance of flavors in each bite.

2. Chicharon from Bulacan (Ninja’s and BJ’s stand out) – crunchy but each little piece melts in your mouth- it actually sticks to the roof of your mouth. Each bite is heavenly (you would surely reach heaven early if you keep a regular diet of chicharon).

Side note: My brother used to buy this chicharon peddled by his officemate that’s also made in Bulacan. The packaging has no name though. It’s so good that just looking at it would make one fat already. The skin are puffed to perfection and each piece has some “laman” attached to it. Too bad his officemate stopped selling them because their other officemates have started to have headaches and high blood pressure.

3. Carcar’s chicharon- I keep on forgetting the name. But relatives from Cebu bring us packs of these when they visit us and the “laman” attached to each chicharon is so good, that you can make this as your ulam any time of day!

So if you’re not a vegetarian and you want to indulge in something that would clog your arteries, try one bite of chicharon. It’s not just a staple for pulutan, it can be your ulam too, your snack and your any day, every day comfort food.

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